Love that crosses the street

We are the AVENUE, a church that loves our community here in Riverside, CA. We are located on the corner of California and Adams and our field is open daily for our neighbors to play soccer, walk their pets or run the track. 

We exist so that those near to us can be near to God. We are a small church with a big heart and our building is always full with groups that meet for hope and encouragement. We want people to know that they can belong before they believe. So even if you have no prior church experience, we invite you to cross the street and connect with us and explore what God may have for you this year.

Our Values

Love is Active.
Love Walks With, Not Away.
Love Connects and Does Not Condemn.
Love Seeks Justice, Not Judgment.

The Avenue Experience

Anonymous Attender

This church is a church of heart, a church that has opened my spirit to God and always goes above and beyond to truly do God’s work. When they say come as you are they mean it and they work very diligently to keep that promise to all that attend. 

I was lost, I was broken and struggling mentally, emotionally and spiritually before God led me to The Avenue. Now 200 days clean and sober I attend weekly. My pastors take time to help me grow spiritually and mentally and to help me build a stronger belief. My walk is not the same as others, we all will struggle, sin and will be led in different directions by God. This church is LOVE and JOY. They have become my family and no matter what they care and they don’t give up. 

Please pray for us and if you are ever in need of spiritual guidance or looking for a church that is judgment free and very much cares about the spirit not the dollar then come worship with us Sundays at 10:30am on the corner of California and Adams.